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A store in the mall. What does it take?

Posted by Lora Price on

When we started this business three years ago, we could not have imagined having a kiosk in the mall.  And not just any mall mind you, but Valley Fair.  The premier Westfield Mall in Silicon Valley.   Almost every morning for the past several weeks we have awakened with the thought, how did we get here?  The answer?  Luck, hard work, and friends.  

Those three factors have worked hand-in-hand over the past three years to get us here, but the also helped in the last few weeks. 

The luck:  Getting connected again with San Jose Made at just the right time to be able to get into their Valley Fair popup  program for the month of October.  We worked with this amazing organization when we first started, but haven't done much with them since.  The fact that we connected again with them at exactly the right time for this falls visit to the mall.  That's luck.

The hard work:  OK.  Now that we've decided we're going to do it, we had to decide what needed to be done.  Specifically, what could we do to a set of mall fixtures to make it look and feel like Steamy Tech.  In addition, what extra pieces and parts would we need to be able to sell items on shelves and walls, versus our usual grid wall.  Enter three weeks of planning building and designing like crazy people.   We covered the white booth fixtures with wood.  We designed pretty spinning boxes to make the booth go, and we built as much product as we had time for.  Then on the 30th of September we got to the mall at 9:30pm and spent all night getting setup and ready to.  We finally left at 5:30 in the morning all setup.

The friends:  Too many to count.  Your support and assistance has made this all possible.  Thanks so much.

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